Outback Tour Packing Tips for Women

When planning to travel and experience outback adventure tours in Australia, proper packing is a very important thing especially for all but possibly more so for women who are not used to travelling in outback Australia. According to an Australian female outback tour guide these are some of the things women outback adventurers should pack:

Light travelling bags.
The ideal size for outback expeditions is 65cm long x 35cm wide x 30cm high. As a general rule only pack the important things you need during the outback tours in Australia. You should also not forget to bring a small day bag with you. You can use your small day bag to keep your daytime essentials handy. You can also take it with you when hiking when you really dont want to be carrying a heavy travelling backpack, right?

The most important piece of your outfit are a pair of travelling boots or sturdy footwear as its likely you will be doing a lot of walking during your outback tours. Some of the terrains where you will be walking on are rocky, and these can be very slippery. So, be prepared with a sturdy pair of hiking boots. Moreover, you need to bring three pairs of shorts and T-shirts preferably non-iron and easy-to-get-dry type of clothes. Pack a warm jacket because it does get cold at night in the outback. You can pair this with a Beanie and cold weather gloves for extra warmth. In addition, bring a sarong or with you as a cover-up when if are around the camp in the heat of the day. You can also use this as a towel, a picnic blanket or a shawl at night.

Toiletries and Safety Travel Kits.
The basic things that you should bring for your toiletries include Antihistamine tablets, insect repellent, moisturiser, sunscreen, tissues and wet wipes, a handy soap and shampoo for showering. You can also bring an easy-dry camping towel.

For your low-key beauty traveller’s kit, bring sanitary pads, scrunchies, lip balm and some face powder. This ensures that you will look fabulous in the holiday photos.

Your Gadgets.
One of the best things that you can take home from your outback tours, aside from memories, are stunning and spectacular pictures. So, don’t forget your camera (make sure it has enough free memory – maybe an extra memory card or two)  and do not forget its charger or batteries. Also bring along your mobile phone – but remember that in many places throughout the outback there is no mobile coverage. There are some cafes in towns that provide wifi access but it is not common so use it while you can.