Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris

Amazingly Beautiful Outback

Gawler Ranges Safaris offer an amazing diversity and profusion of wildlife in numbers rarely seen elsewhere in Australia.

The area has an extraordinary range of wildly beautiful outback country boasting contrasting colours of red sands and rocky gorges, blue skies and the glistening white of massive Lake Gairdner. It is one of few places that three large species of kangaroos can be seen together, and in amazing numbers.

Together with over 100 species of birds, wild koalas at Port Lincoln and swimming with sea lions and dolphins at Baird Bay,  there is almost everything in wild animal types all on a three  or four day tour.
Guests stay at Kangaluna Camp, a boutique tented camp that caters for up to 12 guests in a resonantly Australian setting.


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